Mental Health
Part 02 | Managing Minds at Work

Type: Half-day or Full-day Workshop.

Audience: Supervisors & Managers.


Through the use of structured experiences, group discussions, and interactions, this dynamic, engaging, and interactive session is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to increase their awareness of mental health and its potential incidence and impact in the workplace, challenge existing stereotypes of mental illness, and explore how they might better support their colleagues who are struggling with mental health issues. Additionally, participants will have an opportunity to consider their current mental health and strategies to ensure continued health and well-being in their current context.

What will you learn?

  • Explain the role and responsibilities of a supervisor/manager associated with mental health as defined by relevant legislation.
  • List the legislation relevant to the supervision and management of mental health in the workplace.
  • Describe The National Standard of Canada for Psychological.
  • Health and Safety in the Workplace.
  • Identify typical indicators of a potential mental health issue.
  • Describe specific strategies and actions for responding to potential mental health issues.
  • Apply a framework for having a difficult conversation with a colleague about mental health issues.
  • Develop and describe strategies to support and enhance mental health in the organization.

Who Should Attend this Course?

Designed to appeal to anyone interested in acquiring more information, insights, and ease with bullying and harassment in the workplace and to meet the regulatory requirements for annual workplace training.