Bullying & Harrasment | Have No Fear!

Type: Half-day or Full-day Workshop.

Audience: Employees of all levels.


Through the use of structured experiences, group discussions, and case studies, this dynamic, engaging, and interactive session invites participants to explore bullying and harassment in the workplace. Participants will be given the opportunity to identify bullying and harassment in the workplace, recognize their associated obligations for responding, and state the organization’s related policies, procedures, and resources. Participants will also have the opportunity to develop strategies for themselves and others who have experienced workplace bullying and harassment. Opportunities to contribute to the elimination of workplace bullying and harassment will be highlighted.

What will you learn?

  • Recognize how workplace bullying and harassment are currently described in the legislation and related policies and procedures.
  • Recognize potential indicators and examples of bullying and harassment in their workplace.
  • Recognize and identify toxic workers.
  • Identify your role and responsibilities and the roles and responsibilities of other workplace stakeholders to bullying and harassment and toxic workers.
  • Review potential response strategies to witnessing and/or experiencing workplace bullying and harassment.
  • Recognize opportunities to eliminate workplace bullying and harassment increasing psychological health and safety in the organization.

Who Should Attend this Course?

Designed to appeal to anyone interested in acquiring more information, insights, and ease with bullying and harassment in the workplace and to meet the regulatory requirements for annual workplace training.