Why Join Mindverse

What sets our mental health support apart

As a mission-led, client-focused organization, it’s our mental health providers—and the support we provide to help them do their best work—that truly sets us apart.

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  • Flexibility to practice when and where it’s best for you
  • We offer dynamic and flexible policies to suit your structure.
  • Services can change and vary depending on what the clients requires.
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  • Engaging technology platform
  • Clients are matched with provider’s specialties
  • Data-driven approach that puts clients first
  • Measurable outcomes: 88% of clients improve or recover
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  • Team-based collaboration with other talented specialists
  • High-quality, ongoing trainings—at fair and affordable cost
  • Reliable income and a full suite of benefits for employees
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  • Your voice is valued from day one
  • Bring your training, expertise, and experiences to your role
  • Join a movement in mental health care, where best-in-class support pairs with technology to achieve remarkable results
Data insights icon DATA INSIGHTS

Proactively engage your workforce using
real-time data with Happy At Work tool

Leave reactive approaches to mental wellness behind with up-to-date metrics on care utilization and mental health issues affecting your workforce, so you can quickly respond. With Happy At Work tool, you’ll gain insights into the mental health of your workforce with access to anonymized, aggregated data, including real-time dashboards and in-depth quarterly business reviews.

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Workforce strategy icon WORKFORCE STRATEGY

Create a mental wellness strategy built for your people and your goals

Mindverse provides strategic consultation and resources to help you design programs tailored to your organization. You’ll receive guidance from highly credentialed mental health and organizational development experts with backgrounds in instructional & corporate consulting.

Diagnose and respond to population-wide workplace risk factors

Assess your workforce to learn how workplace hazards to mental health, such as bullying, excessive workload, and low job control, may be posing hidden risks to employee well-being and contributing to costly disengagement, turnover, leaves of absence, and burnout. Work with Mindverse experts to take corrective actions that enhance manager behaviors, corporate practices, and overall company culture.


Mindverse can also partner with you to create a workforce-wide mental health strategy. We’ll help identify gaps in your mental health programs, corporate policies, learning and development offerings, and management practices so you can build a strategy that addresses mental wellness at the organizational level.

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Develop effective managers

Empower managers with tools to promote mental wellness, including 1:1 expert clinical consults and certifications on topics like responding to mental health concerns and tackling burnout.

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Change the conversation around mental health

Handpick anti-stigma campaign toolkits from our library of content that will help your employees feel safe talking about mental health and reaching out for support when they need it.

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Learning and development icon LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT

Educate and empower your entire workforce

Mental health impacts your entire workforce. While some employees need and want care, others may not be aware they have a mental health condition or be ready to reach out for support. And some don’t need care, but would benefit from prevention tools to stay healthy. With Mindverse, your entire population can access engaging resources in a variety of learning formats.